Mateus and Daphne Love Story #OurVeg-Match

May 25, 2021, was not just another “ordinary” day of the pandemic. By the end of it, something beautiful had begun. At around 11 pm, a sequence of events began that was anything but ordinary.

I was curious about the Likes I had received in the last 4 months and decided to get Veggly Premium.

The last Like I had received, which had only occurred less than 5 minutes earlier, was from a woman in Uberaba. Whom I would’ve never seen since my radar was up to 100km away and Uberaba is 500km from here.

We think we know everything, right? We’ve all created personal standards for who we will and won’t engage with online.

I looked at the first profile picture, found it wonderful, and clicked to see more. However, this was the only photo, and I usually like to have at least two photos before proceeding. Why? I don’t know either.

She had no information in her bio, and again, my instincts went into alarm mode. After all, there was a long distance to consider, she only had one photo, and there was no description underneath. My profile was totally the opposite, with several photos and a long bio.

Even so, I clicked the Like button to create a Veg-Match. The other Likes, I totally ignored. I’ll never know who they were, and I’m so happy and grateful for that.

I said “hi,” joked about the distance, and sang a song with Uberaba in the lyrics. The function for sending audio is wonderful in this app. Shortly after that, I said that I needed to sleep, but would return to send more messages the next day.

My feeling was that it had been a reciprocal and light conversation, although very short.

For her, it was a different story. She thought I was joking, and that I would not send any more messages. 😅

Early the next day, I texted her, and only about 14-15 hours later, she answered me. This was unusual (I would later find out) since Daphne commonly goes for days without contacting people on social networks. Plus, the fact that I was more or less a stranger to her, and the chances of leaving me hanging were huge.

But it all worked out. All these behavioral patterns were put aside, and she replied to me late that Thursday night. Our conversation started early on Friday and extended into Saturday. We made our first video call, where we talked for almost 4 hours.

During that week, she watched an episode of a TV series in which a person makes a questionnaire with another friend, and whoever passes this questionnaire will then fall in love. To the surprise of @callmedaphne, I had not only watched this show as well but remembered the season and episode number. 😁

We didn’t believe that a quiz would do magic, but it served as a good icebreaker for a possibly awkward first video call. After saying goodbye to her that day, I felt it was time to say goodbye to the app it self. 

It may have been a bit hasty, but there are moments in life when you just know you’re doing the right thing and don’t even think about looking back. I think that was the case.

We talked all day Sunday in another long video call, then the same thing occurred on Monday and the rest of the week; and throughout the month of June.

During this time, I received a picture with a QR code for a playlist titled “To Make You Smile.” It had the titles of the songs I have tattooed on the body, and another one titled “The Weight of My Heart” from @CastelloBranco, along with a letter. I answered this letter by sending the name of my favorite perfume and a Daruma; and days later I received a response with her favorite perfume.

When we decided it was time to finally meet in person, we chose July 9 (which is a holiday in São Paulo), and that later came to be the official beginning of our relationship.

I drove 500 kilometers to visit her, we stayed at the home of a cousin of hers for the weekend. I thought the idea was great because it would make her feel safe. When I arrived at the house, I sent my location to a friend who already knew the whole situation. “Man, if I disappear, I was here.” You never know, right?

It was about 7 pm when we met for the first time, but the hug felt more like we were having a reunion.

As the relationship evolved, we each met with our respective families, had long video calls, and daily conversations, with many good moments in person. A little over one year after our initial Veg-Match, I got in my car bound for Uberaba to pick her up and move in together.

I could not be happier or more grateful. She is moving to a new city and state for our relationship.

I believe that true love is more about how much you’re willing to give to your partner, regardless of how much they give you. I’m willing to give the world to her.

Thank you so much, Veggly!

Text edited by Michael Chatham

A great vegan wedding #OurVeg-Match

We have the mission to help people find others with common core values. The love for animals and the environment are some of the principles that the veg community stands for. Veggly creates opportunities for vegans to make new friends and create new relationships and, once in a while, we hear about an amazing event, such as a vegan wedding!

When one of these stories happens we are thrilled to share it with you. For those following the stories that we post for a little while, you may remember Wil and Nathan. The couple from the US lived in different cities in Florida and met through Veggly during the pandemic. After one year of dating, they got engaged, and recently they tied the knot and had a great vegan wedding.

It was a beautiful ceremony where they showed all their love for each other. We from Veggly are very happy for having helped them meet each other. You can check below some pictures of the wedding and read the full history of how Wil and Nathan met each other.

The Complete Love Story

“I just want to say how happy I am to have found Veggly. I had enough with dating women who just couldn’t understand my ethical concerns regarding animals. Me being vegan and them being non-vegan was something that became a recurring issue. And working from home as a professional artist didn’t exactly give me many opportunities to meet women, let alone the right women. Therefore, I decided to search for a veg-friendly dating app in hopes of finding a better match. I got an account with Veggly and was happy to know that there were others out there who cared about the things I cared about.  

My work, however, consumed me, and for months I hadn’t yet dated anyone from the app, that is, until June of 2020. I opened up Veggly and there she was! Her name was Wil. She was so beautiful and she was vegan too! It was her first day on the app. We started chatting, and quickly took our conversation to Instagram, and then Skype. I lived in Tampa. She lived in Miami. We were both over four hours away from each other, but that didn’t stop us from getting to know one another. We spent two and a half months talking every day before meeting in person. So, by the time we met, it didn’t take long for me to ask her to be my girlfriend. We became a couple in September of 2020. 

While our relationship continued to be long distance, we made the effort to visit each other on weekends. Sometimes she’d come to Tampa. Sometimes I’d go to Miami. And other times we’d meet in the middle – exploring beaches, canoeing rivers, and camping in the wilderness. It was so much fun to have the opportunity to spend time with her, and it was always comforting to know that our diet and our ethics were never going to be an issue.
Eventually, after months of long-distance dating, Wil accepted a remote position, which gave her the opportunity to move to Tampa! Since her move, we’ve had the opportunity to grow together, and to know each other more deeply. In September of 2021, one year since we met in person, I happily asked Wil to be my wife. Without hesitation, she said yes! 
We are grateful to have had the opportunity to meet each other. We are so excited to start the rest of our lives together. Wil tells me that she almost didn’t sign up, but that her brother encouraged her to because she “could find the one!” Well, turns out, she did. And it only took her one day! “

10 Best States for Vegan Dating in the US

Virginia has officially been crowned the best state for vegan dating in the US, followed by Illinois, and Oregon

The American Vegan Love Heat Map 2022

Virginia has taken the top spot for vegans and vegetarians to find love, according to Veggly, the world’s leading dating app for vegans and vegetarians. Veggly has announced the top US state rankings with Virginia (incl DC.) at number one spot with 671.05 Veggly users per 1 million people (general population). The second spot is taken by Illinois with 532.55 users per 1 million, and is closely followed by the ‘Beaver State’, Oregon, which has 529.69 users per a million. 

New York, the ‘Empire State’, takes fourth place with 521.32 Veggly users per 1 million and has the second highest total number of users. Washington (state) takes fifth place with 481.63 users, followed by Colorado with 467.19 users per 1 million in sixth place. 

The ‘Golden State’ of California is in seventh place with 466.79 users per 1 million, but also has the largest number of overall users. In eighth place is the ‘Sunshine State’ of Florida with 454.38 users per 1 million. Florida is particularly important state for Veggly, as two couples have already tied the knot! One couple, Nathan and Wil, got married in Florida in 2020 and found love through a tap of a like on Veggly.

A picture containing person, outdoor, standing

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Ninth place goes to Massachusetts with 412.77 Veggly users but is very closely followed by New Jersey which has 405.85 users per million, in tenth place. 

Texas didn’t make it into the top 10, but did score well overall with a ranking at number 11, with 371.51 users per 1 million. Arizona closely follows with 365.21 users in twelfth place; next up is Georgia in thirteenth place with 340.49 users, and North Carolina has 3125.78 user in fourteenth place, then Maryland in fifteenth place. 

In sixteenth position is the industrial state of Pennsylvania with 282.88 users per 1 million. Following up in seventeenth place is Ohio with 261.39 Veggly users, then with 260.93 users per million is Tennessee in eighteenth place. Michigan is close behind in nineteenth place with 259.07 Veggly users per million. Lastly, Minnesota takes the 20th spot with 253.21 Veggly users per 1 million people. 

Overall, in terms of total numbers of users, California reigns supreme with 18,368 users, followed by Texas in second place with 10,640 users, just narrowly beating out New York with 10,171 users, in third place. Florida is close behind in fourth place, with 9,642 users overall. 

Commenting on the new USA data, Founder of Veggly, Alex Felipelli, said: “We are very pleased to see so many new and growing dating hotspots for vegans and vegetarians across the USA. Today, Virginia is the shining example for the best ratio of active vegan daters in relation to population. If you’re in Virginia, or nearby, and you’re looking for herbivorous love, it’s the place to be!

“But let’s not forget New York and California – both have excellent scores on our rankings, 4th and 7th, considering how big their populations are. They are still great places to date as a vegan or vegetarian – and if you’re in California, you could always just head north to Oregon, ranked 3rd overall. 

“Building on our success in the USA, we have significantly increased our marketing investment throughout the country recently. Our top priority is to help these hotspots grow all over North America and the world by making the Veggly app accessible to everyone.”

Top 20 states in USA (ranked by number of Veggly users in relation to population) 

StatePopulation (millions)Number of Veggly users per 1 million
1Virginia (inc. DC)8.51671.05
4New York19.51521.32
10New Jersey8.89405.85
14North Carolina10.39315.78

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Vegan Marriage – Love Story in SoCal

On Veggly, when we hear the stories of people who found a partner or friends, it’s reason to celebrate. Hearing about a Vegan Marriage is just spectacular!

A moment like that happened just about a week ago. I was going through my work emails, as usual, when I came across one titled “Veggly Marriage”. When I open it, I read this heartwarming story of Kendra and Dave! We live and work hard to hear stories like these! Our main goal has always been to bring the veggie community together and to see our wish come true feels amazing.

Veggly Marriage

Kendra and Dave are both from and live in southern California. The isolation of COVID encouraged them to move online in order to meet other like minded people.

They found each other on Veggly in February 2021. Their vegan marriage took place in March 2022, on their one year anniversary of being a couple!

Husband and wife have both been vegan for 15 years, so being in a vegan relationship is important to them and ultimately what brought them to Veggly.

Besides their love for fruit, plants and animals, Dave and Kendra surf, swim, meditate, travel, hike, adventure and love life together.

They couldn’t be happier and more grateful to have found each other.

Veggly couple
Veggly Marriage

In the name of the entire Veggly team, we wish you both a long, happy and kind life together Congratulations to the perfect couple! 😍🌱

If you have your own Veggie-Love Story and if you’re willing to share it at our testimonials page, please contact us at [email protected].

If you prefer, you can remain anonymous. It doesn’t already have to be a “happily ever after” story. As long as you guys are happy, we would like to hear 😘

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Traveling as a Vegan? 3 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Lifestyle

Traveling as a vegan can be a challenge. But it’s also well worth and rewarding if you follow these tips!

Traveling single or just want to make veggie friends in a different location? Check out the Top 10 Cities in the world for Vegan Dating and Friends.

Vegan-friendly tours, excursions, and travel apps are trending for travel companies looking to attract trade as companies within the travel industry recover from the pandemic’s impact. While this highlights the influence that veganism is having on the travel industry, however, those who wish to take their first vacation as a vegan may find that doing so successfully can bring a number of challenges — such as not finding a vegan-friendly restaurant. From the importance of being prepared to how choosing a vegan-friendly destination can make for a wonderful solution, here are three simple tips to ensure your first vegan trip is a success.

Traveling as a Vegan Couple

Traveling as a vegan – the value of preparation

While proper preparation is ideal when planning for any vacation, preparing for a trip as a vegan can be especially beneficial in maintaining a vegan diet on your travels. One way to do this is by ensuring that you bring along enough dry vegan snacks, which can help stave off hunger while looking for vegan options in the area or when traveling by plane/train/car. “Airports and Amtrak are getting more friendly, but I always have nuts and dried fruits or seeds in my bag,” states Michelle McMacken, an internal medicine physician in New York, whose practice focuses on plant-based nutrition. 

While bringing along a few snacks is always a great idea whether you’re going abroad or on a local trip, planning what restaurants you may want to go to in the area or along the way can also be a great way to find vegan options ahead of time. This can aid greatly in cutting out any guesswork when it comes to mealtimes, though it’s important to not cut other, non-vegan restaurants out of the equation altogether. For example, should you find an ideal restaurant for a dinner night at your travel destination in your research, calling ahead and asking about any vegan options is always a great idea. McMaken, for instance, further states that “Most cities now have at least one vegan restaurant, but I’m amazed by other restaurants that have vegan options or will prepare something if you call ahead of time.”

Choosing a vegan-friendly destination

While researching and planning out vegan friendly restaurants ahead of time can be a great way to prepare for your upcoming trip, it may be challenging depending on your chosen location. If you’re planning a vacation from the beginning, however, choosing a vegan-friendly location right off the bat can be a great way to ensure you’ll have plenty of options for dining out. India is just one location that not only is home to rich culture, but also happens to be a country with the largest population of vegetarians. In fact, eight in ten Indians limit meat in their diets, while four in ten consider themselves to be vegetarians. While the standard definition of vegetarianism in India happens to include the exclusion of meat and fish, it also excludes eggs — meaning that as a vegan, you’ll primarily be on the lookout for dishes that don’t contain any dairy products. Nevertheless, choosing a location that already focuses on limiting meat will allow you to have a variety of options to choose from, making for a great consideration if you don’t want to meticulously plan too far into the details.

Traveling as a vegan – How vegan-focused travel apps can help

No matter where you plan on going, downloading a few vegan-focused apps before you leave for your travels is a great idea. Veg Visits, for instance, is essentially a vegan friendly take on Airbnb, allowing travelers to rent a room, house, or even a kitchen from a vegan host. While this has the additional benefits of being a great hotel alternative for travelers who want a more unique and meaningful stay, having a vegan host will allow you to have access to local knowledge on everything from the best markets to the best vegan friendly restaurants in town.

Traveling solo or as a couple for the first time can be an amazing and exciting experience, though can be a bit challenging when it comes to finding the right restaurants around if you’re a vegan. Whether you’re going for a romantic weekend getaway or if you plan on backpacking abroad, downloading vegan friendly apps like Veg Visits, pre-planning restaurants ahead of time, or even electing to choose a veggie friendly destination altogether can make for a successful trip.

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Vegan Sex Positions

Doing it doggy piggy style!

Veggly releases new list of sex position names, chosen by vegan users & vegan sexpert.

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Description automatically generated

  1. Piggy style 
  2. The Cow
  3. Reverse Cow 
  4. The Chicken 
  5. The Llama 
  6. Octopus 
  7. Leapfrog 
  8. The Spider 
  9. The Ram 
  10. The ‘I love riding ewe!’

The move from Veggly is part of a new campaign to give equal rights to all animals, particularly cows, pigs, chickens and sheep, that don’t enjoy the same protection that is given to dogs and cats. 

After polling several thousand of Veggly’s 500,000 users across the world, the final top 10 was selected and vetted by world-renowned vegan sexpert Venus O’Hara

Commenting on the new names, Founder of Veggly, Alex Felipelli, said: “Doggy style is one of the world’s most popular and easy sex positions. This is fine, but why not give pigs, cows, sheep and chickens some credit? They don’t get treated the same as dogs, or cats. All animals deserve to be protected and celebrated, so how about we name some sex positions after them instead? 

“We are honoured to partner with Venus O’Hara, a leading vegan sexpert and ‘Orgasm Activist’ on this project. She has been very helpful to us as a consultant on these new names and positions, and tips on how to ensure plant-based pleasure for all daters and new relationships.”

Also commenting on the new list of names, Venus O’Hara said: “Vegan sex is all about variety. You will notice that there is no equivalent of the missionary position on our list. Although missionary is probably the most popular position, it is also considered the most mundane one. Doggy style is also very popular but we think this is unfair on pigs. In fact, dogs have an unfair advantage over pigs in many aspects of non-vegan life. Even in the fetish world, there are kinksters who practise ‘puppy play’ which involves role-playing as a dog on all fours and barking, often while wearing a dog collar. We believe that ‘piggy play’ could be the next big thing among kinky couples. But with vegan leather accessories, of course. Whichever position you choose, don’t forget those vegan condoms, and have fun!” 

Veggly, which now has over 500,000 users, is available throughout the world (users in 181 countries), Veggly is set to continue its rapid growth thanks to its growing army of vegan volunteers around the world who have worked together to translate the app from English into Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, Danish and Polish, with many more languages on the way.

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Do dating apps work? Couple who met on Veggly got married! #OurVegMatch

Meet Maggie and Sam, who found each other on Veggly and fell in love at first sight – or should we say love at first text? And now are married! They told us one of the most beautiful stories and sent us some stunning photos from their wedding! We would like to share this inspiring love story with you:⁠

“We would like to share a bit of our love story. My husband and I met through Veggly in 2020. We lived 200 miles away, and 3 days after connecting on Veggly, after talking for hours, we met halfway and had our first date, which lasted 8 hours! Our connection was undeniable. 

First, we shared our values of respect towards all animals. Also, we were looking for something meaningful and true. Our personalities fit well together and we would have the longest most insightful conversations and the funnest times. Music connected us too. 

We continued exploring the relationship and its different aspects, being pleasantly surprised on every step- and also facing and overcoming difficulties together. 

We started arranging our weeks so that we could spend the most time together despite the distance.

Last year, we got engaged and then we moved together. We got married in January 2022 and are very happy. We are blessed to have each other and a lot of support from our family and friends. We have goals to work on together, and are thankful for the way. The love we share every day is such a gift.

The Universe made us meet, and we are thankful that it was through the help of Veggly.

Thank you!!”

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Brazilian Vegan Couple Meets on Veggly! #OurVegMatch⁠

We get so happy when we help bring a new vegan couple together! This is the main reason why we created #Veggly and knowing that we are helping people this way makes us very happy and inspires us to keep going! 😊🌱

Annibal and Mel met through #Veggly and are #dating nowadays. Take a look at the testimonial they shared with us:

“I met Mel through Veggly. I sent her a superlike, but I realized she hadn’t been on the app for a while. So I decided to look her up on Instagram and as I’m terrible at starting conversations, based on her posts, I started discussing some vegan cosmetics she used and recommended. Then I decided to ask her the recipe for the beautiful vegan cookies she had posted, and from then on our conversations became more and more frequent. I also couldn’t help asking her to join Veggly and accept my superlike; the result was that I got a superlike back! We are very happy together and we have many future plans, including a list of “things we will do together” that grows with our love. We’ll be Veggly’s most romantic couple! Thanks for everything!” – Annibal ( _) and Melissa (@srta.melveg)

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Arizonian couple meets on Veggly! #Ourvegmatch

Meet Chelsea and Skyler, who found each other on Veggly and fell in love at first match. They told us one of the most beautiful stories we’ve received so far, and we would like to share this inspiring modern love story with you:

“February 3, 2021, aka, a *vegan* match made in Heaven. Almost throwing in the towel on dating apps, I came across an ad on Instagram featuring a dating app for vegans called Veggly. As ironic as it was, I had always remarked about the need for this type of app and how useful it would be for people as passionate about animal rights as I am. 

Days after I downloaded the app, I got a notification that I had a new Veggly match, Skyler! He reached out to me and we immediately clicked, almost as if the two of us had just been waiting for the stars to align. We met just 4 short days after we matched, unknowingly spending our first of many Superbowl Sundays together!

Skyler and I had both expressed how exclusively drawn we were to each other on the app. From his race car driving photos to my many pictures in California, we were both immediately intrigued by one another and were extremely eager to get to know each other further. The connection we had seemed inevitable, as if it was so easy to get along that it would have taken effort for us not to like one another. Our first date quickly led to many more, and before we knew it we started dating just over a month after matching! We have now been dating a little under a year, and have had what feels like a lifetime of memories.

From a week-stay in Malibu, to spending the 4th of July in Oregon, the past year has brought us a bountiful amount of memories that we would not have been able to experience had it not been for Veggly. We can both easily identify that one of the strongest connections in our relationship has been centered around our veganism. Skyler is an incredibly talented cook, making us countless tasty vegan meals that has ultimately allowed us to further connect with each other through our same love for animals and our passion for a plant-based diet. With Skyler being vegan for about 6 years now, and reaching almost 4 years of veganism myself, the two of us are incredibly excited to continue our journey together and see where life takes us along the way. Little did we know the simple act of downloading an app would cause such a positive and beneficial change in both of our lives! Thank you, Veggly, for creating a space for such a special connection to be made!”

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Top 9 Free Vegan Apps for a Plant-Based Lifestyle

Quitting meat and other animal products to start a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle can come with its challenges. There are so many new things to discover or avoid and it can be overwhelming for someone who’s new to plant based living. However, a thrifty veggie doesn’t let any of that get in their way. We’ve selected 9 apps for vegans and vegetarians that are going to make everything about plant based living easier. This selection is made taking into consideration the number of ratings for each app and their overall ratings in the app stores to assess their popularity. Whether you’re looking to be more organized with your cruelty-free diet, or trying to figure out which products are vegan-safe, this list is for you!

Happy Cow

One of the most popular platforms for vegans and vegetarians, HappyCow helps its users find vegan restaurants nearby. Actually, the app has already evolved far beyond that since its launch in 1999. HappyCow is great not just for finding vegan places, but also for checking out reviews and recommendations about these places. This one is essential both for new veggies and seasoned ones alike.


What started out with the ambitious goal to help 1 billion people become vegan by 2030 and to donate 1 billion dollars to the vegan movement has now become one of the most successful apps for vegans and vegetarians. This online community works to build a more sustainable world, and serves as a place to review and recommend brands, restaurants and products. The catch here is that, every time a user posts a review, they get $1 to donate to a charity related to the vegan movement.

Oh She Glows

This one simply had to be included in our top apps for vegans and vegetarians. Oh She Glows can be used as a recipe book, featuring recipes from an award-winning blog of the same name. This gem comes with beautiful photography to serve as inspiration, as well as a ton of customization options. Although the recipes here are carefully curated and edited for top reliability, you can adjust, add notes, remove ingredients and whatever else your heart desires.

Dr Greger’s Daily Dozen

Dr Greger’s top recommendations from his best-selling book, How Not to Diet, are all gathered in just one app. This one is less about what’s being eaten and more about how much and how often. The app is presented by the founder of and is here to help users looking for a healthier diet. Without counting calories, you can keep track of your daily portions of fruits, vegetables, seeds and is a general life-saver in terms of having an organized diet. 


Veggly is the dating app for vegans and vegetarians. Currently at the 500k users mark, Veggly is here to help you find your Veg-Love! After all, veggies need more than just yummy food to live a happy life. Users can like, match and chat with each other, which can lead to something else. There is also an emphasis on meaningful connections, so it’s also excellent to make new friends. Tired of having to filter through meat eaters? Then definitely check out Veggly!


Shopwell is a product scanner that takes into consideration not only barcodes and labels, but also the person using it. By creating a Food Profile with goals, restrictions and health concerns, each user gets a Score. With this information, the app can not only simplify the nutritional information, but also indicate how well it matches up with what the user has established in their profile. It also recommends similar products that might be a better choice, so definitely not just a product scanner!

Vegan Meal Plan

Here’s an app for vegans and vegetarians who want to step up their cooking game. Vegan Meal Plan comes with a bunch of gorgeous pictures and all the nutritional information to go along with mouth watering, healthy recipes. It makes whipping delicious meals up so much easier that the recipes themselves come with timers for each step of the recipe with a cooking time.

Vegan Maps

Over 100,000 options for vegan, raw and vegetarian restaurants? That sounds like a dream come true! Whether you are on the road or still haven’t found out where to get the best cruelty-free food near you, Vegan Maps is sure to have something that will please you.


Yuka is a product scanner that gives you all the information you need about a product, whether it’s food or cosmetics. It also gives a score based on nutritional quality, presence of additives and organic dimension. Based on these factors, the app tells the user which options are better and healthier. Yuka also recommends other products, which is always handy!

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