Top 9 Free Vegan Apps for a Plant-Based Lifestyle

Quitting meat and other animal products to start a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle can come with its challenges. There are so many new things to discover or avoid and it can be overwhelming for someone who’s new to plant based living. However, a thrifty veggie doesn’t let any of that get in their way. We’ve selected 9 apps for vegans and vegetarians that are going to make everything about plant based living easier. This selection is made taking into consideration the number of ratings for each app and their overall ratings in the app stores to assess their popularity. Whether you’re looking to be more organized with your cruelty-free diet, or trying to figure out which products are vegan-safe, this list is for you!

Happy Cow

One of the most popular platforms for vegans and vegetarians, HappyCow helps its users find vegan restaurants nearby. Actually, the app has already evolved far beyond that since its launch in 1999. HappyCow is great not just for finding vegan places, but also for checking out reviews and recommendations about these places. This one is essential both for new veggies and seasoned ones alike.


What started out with the ambitious goal to help 1 billion people become vegan by 2030 and to donate 1 billion dollars to the vegan movement has now become one of the most successful apps for vegans and vegetarians. This online community works to build a more sustainable world, and serves as a place to review and recommend brands, restaurants and products. The catch here is that, every time a user posts a review, they get $1 to donate to a charity related to the vegan movement.

Oh She Glows

This one simply had to be included in our top apps for vegans and vegetarians. Oh She Glows can be used as a recipe book, featuring recipes from an award-winning blog of the same name. This gem comes with beautiful photography to serve as inspiration, as well as a ton of customization options. Although the recipes here are carefully curated and edited for top reliability, you can adjust, add notes, remove ingredients and whatever else your heart desires.

Dr Greger’s Daily Dozen

Dr Greger’s top recommendations from his best-selling book, How Not to Diet, are all gathered in just one app. This one is less about what’s being eaten and more about how much and how often. The app is presented by the founder of and is here to help users looking for a healthier diet. Without counting calories, you can keep track of your daily portions of fruits, vegetables, seeds and is a general life-saver in terms of having an organized diet. 


Veggly is the dating app for vegans and vegetarians. Currently at the 500k users mark, Veggly is here to help you find your Veg-Love! After all, veggies need more than just yummy food to live a happy life. Users can like, match and chat with each other, which can lead to something else. There is also an emphasis on meaningful connections, so it’s also excellent to make new friends. Tired of having to filter through meat eaters? Then definitely check out Veggly!


Shopwell is a product scanner that takes into consideration not only barcodes and labels, but also the person using it. By creating a Food Profile with goals, restrictions and health concerns, each user gets a Score. With this information, the app can not only simplify the nutritional information, but also indicate how well it matches up with what the user has established in their profile. It also recommends similar products that might be a better choice, so definitely not just a product scanner!

Vegan Meal Plan

Here’s an app for vegans and vegetarians who want to step up their cooking game. Vegan Meal Plan comes with a bunch of gorgeous pictures and all the nutritional information to go along with mouth watering, healthy recipes. It makes whipping delicious meals up so much easier that the recipes themselves come with timers for each step of the recipe with a cooking time.

Vegan Maps

Over 100,000 options for vegan, raw and vegetarian restaurants? That sounds like a dream come true! Whether you are on the road or still haven’t found out where to get the best cruelty-free food near you, Vegan Maps is sure to have something that will please you.


Yuka is a product scanner that gives you all the information you need about a product, whether it’s food or cosmetics. It also gives a score based on nutritional quality, presence of additives and organic dimension. Based on these factors, the app tells the user which options are better and healthier. Yuka also recommends other products, which is always handy!

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