10 Tips for a First Vegan Date (For Vegetarians and Omnivores)

A first date can be quite challenging by itself. Wanting to make a good first impression is important, but can also come with some anxiety. Things aren’t so different when it comes to vegans. However, if you’re a vegetarian or an omnivore, there is are some extra steps to be taken in order to not be disrespectful by accident. Do you want to get it right on your first vegan date? Then check out these 10 tips!

1 – Restaurant

Vai chamar o Veg-Crush pra jantar? É ideal verificar se o restaurante é vegano ou se possui Are you taking your Veg-Crush out for dinner? It’s important to check if the restaurant is vegan or at least has good vegan options. This one might seem a bit obvious, but many restaurants use animal products even for vegetarian recipes. On the other hand, the simple fact that a restaurant serves these types of products would already go against the ideas behind veganism. For this reason, don’t forget to do some research; this will positively show you’re invested in your date.

primeiro encontro vegano restaurante

2 – Animals

Animal welfare is a top priority for veganism. Because it is a main aspect of the vegan movement, it is also the source of many issues in interactions between vegans and carnivores. So, if you want your date to go well, don’t even think about making jokes about it or trying to invalidate your date’s ideas about this issue. If you bring this subject up with previous knowledge and demonstrate empathy for the animals, you’re sure to make a positive impression. This also signals that, even though you’re still not a vegan, you respect and understand the importance of veganism.

primeiro encontro vegano animais

3 – Meat

Avoid eating any and all types of meat when you’re around your date. For vegans, not eating meat goes beyond personal preference. It is the end product of abuse and poor treatment so, for many vegans, this can be offensive.

primeiro encontro vegano carne

4 – Proteins

Asking where the other person “gets their proteins from” is repetitive for vegans and can make the conversation quite boring. It might seem like just a question, but many people ask it as a joke or to embarrass vegans. It is still really nice if you’re interested in how a vegan diet actually works. There are better ways to ask and show you’re interested. For instance, you can ask “What are some of your favorite vegan foods?”. The important thing here is to not insinuate that a vegan diet in and of itself may not be enough to have a healthy life.

5 – Salad

You won’t win anyone over by offering a salad as an option. Vegans are human being too, and they also like richer, or even unhealthier, foods every now and then. Most vegans may prefer a Veg-Burger or other indulgent meals. Don’t be afraid to try something fun!

6 – Jokes

When you’re talking to your date, avoid jokes about veganism and animals. Disrespecting the other person’s values, lifestyle and ideas can drastically affect your night. Respect is one of the most important things in any relationship, so don’t start off with the wrong foot.

“Plants feel pain too!”

Even if you’ve heard about this before, don’t say or suggest that plants feel pain. Because they don’t have a central nervous system, plants cannot feel pain. This is simply false information, and it’s used to try and “demoralize” veganism. If you say anything of the sort, it’s very likely your date will look at you with a dumbfounded expression.

8 – Fish

Avoid asking “Not even fish?” to your date. Although many people still (!) don’t know about this, fish are animals too. They feel pain, fear and have the right to a healthy and clean ecossystem. So no, your vegan date doesn’t eat fish.

9 – Alcholoic beverages

Many wines and beers are clarified with animal products, like gelatin. It might not seem like much, but the use of animal protein during the fabrication process already makes this already disqualifies non-vegan wines and beers from your list of options. You’ll definitely stand out by choosing the correct beverage for your first vegan date.

primeiro encontro vegano alcool

10 – Environment

The environment is a theme that can elevate your conversation during the date. It can be approached in a positive manner and make your date lighter and more meaningful at the same time. It’s important to be well informed when talking about this subject, so try to keep that in mind.

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