Veggly donates to animal protection NGOs: help pet-owner refugees

Veggly donates part of its revenue to animal welfare NGOs in Germany, Poland and Ukraine that are helping refugees with pets, throughout April.

April 9th, São Paulo, Brazil – Veggly, the world’s leading dating app for vegans and vegetarians, today announces its pledge to support refugee pet owners fleeing the war in Ukraine. 

Veggly donates part of its revenue to animal welfare NGOs

Throughout the month of April, Veggly donates part of its revenue to animal welfare NGOs in Germany, Poland and Ukraine that are helping refugees with pets.

As part of a long-term commitment to supporting animal welfare, Veggly has pledged to donate part of its revenue to Berlin Animal Shelter (Tierheim Berlin), an animal protection NGO in Germany that, at this moment, is helping refugees with pets from the Ukraine with their specific needs. 

During the month of April, Veggly donates $3 of any spend above $15 to Tierheim Berlin and other affiliated NGOs.

How is Tierheim Berlin helping?

  • Providing accommodation for refugees with pets, using a database of people who can provide refugees with pets with temporary housing, food and animal support. 
  • Providing basic sets of pet supplies: supporting refugee pet owners with all necessary accessories such as collars/harnesses and leash, blankets, dog/cat beds, food, bowls, transport boxes etc. 
  • Providing free primary veterinary care: Ukrainian pets get free initial veterinary care at the main practice at Tierheim Berlin – including all necessary vaccinations, microchipping and issuing an EU pet ID card. 
  • Animal Care Point Tegel: Tierheim Berlin’s so-called Animal Care Point at the former airport Berlin Tegel is serving as a welcome center for pets. It’s open daily from 3 pm to 9 pm. It provides the same services as listed above, at the large arrival center for refugees in Tegel. The center provides a vet on location as well as a big storage facility with all necessary pet supplies. Animal Care Point is a project of the Berlin State Animal Welfare Officer Dr. Kathrin Herrmann,  Berliner Tiertafel and Tierschutzverein für Berlin / Tierheim Berlin. The project is financially supported by Welttierschutzgesellschaft and DRK (German Red Cross) Berlin, which is the overall organizer at Arrival Center Tegel.

Commenting on the donation pledge, Founder of Veggly, Alex Felipelli, said: “The situation in Ukraine is getting worse every single day and it’s devastating to watch. Humans and animals are suffering in their thousands. Businesses, charities, governments and the public must continue to work together to help those in need. As an animal rights focused organisation, Veggly is firmly committed to helping animals whenever we can; as a result, we will now be donating a significant part of our revenue towards the excellent NGOs that are working to help the animals that have been displaced by the war, such as Tierheim Berlin.

“We hope other organisations will join us in this decision. We are also on the lookout for additional NGOs we can support, so please do let our team know if you have any recommendations.”

Veggly, which now has over 600,000, is available throughout the world (users in 181 countries), Veggly is set to continue its rapid growth thanks to its growing army of vegan volunteers around the world who have worked together to translate the app from English into Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, Danish and Polish, with many more languages on the way, including Japanese.

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Further details: Further details on Tierheim Berlin, which means ‘Berlin Animal Shelter’: or

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