Top 10 Cities for Vegan Dating in 2022

Germany is wúnderbar for vegans and vegetarians looking for love! German cities top the new rankings for best cities in the world for vegan dating. Cologne takes the top spot, closely followed by Frankfurt, then London.

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Cologne is the best city in the world for vegan dating.

6th May – Veggly, the world’s leading dating app for vegans and vegetarians, today releases new data ranking the best cities in the world for vegan dating. Two of Germany’s top cities take both first and second place; Cologne takes the crown this year, ranking as number one with the highest number of users in relation to population – 8,410 users per million.

Frankfurt is ranked second in the world, in relation to population, with 7,476 users per every 1 million people in the city. 

London, which was number 1 in the 2020 edition of the rankings, is next up, with 5,742 users per million, in third place. Despite its slight slip down the rankings, London remains the top city in the world for the highest overall number of users. 

Copenhagen follows closely behind London in fourth place with 5,508 users per million. Then in fifth place is Barcelona with 3,874 users per million. 

Milan takes sixth place with 2,717 users per million, followed by Paris with 2,272 users per million. LA is next on the list in eighth place. The top US city in the rankings, with 2,209 users per million and highest ranked non-European city to find love.

Sneaking into the top 10, in ninth and tenth place respectively are Toronto with 1,888 users per million, and São Paulo, very close behind, with 1,875 users per million. 

Even though, overall, Europe takes the top 5 spots, the US still boasts the most numbers overall of any individual country.

As Veggly continues to grow steadily in number, more vegans and vegetarians than ever before are finding love online. To let users try the app in one of these hotspots, for the month of May, Veggly is now offering free teleportation , so people are able to match with users from all over the world and hopefully find love. Daters can now experience what it’s like to be a Veggly user in any city in the world, but temporarily setting their location to wherever they choose. 

Commenting on the new global data and rankings, Founder of Veggly, Alex Felipelli, said:

“It’s great to see so many new and developing vegan dating hotspots popping-up across Europe and the wider world. This shows how the growth of veganism, vegetarianism and flexitarian living is undeniable now – this is the future! And we are honored to support these people and help them find new love and relationships. That’s why Veggly exists!

“It’s also interesting to see two German cities surge up the rankings and overtake London. Vegan living is seeing a big movement in growth throughout the country – we are hoping this trend spreads in all directions across Europe, and even more widely across the world.” 

Top 10 cities (ranked by number of Veggly users in relation to population)

RankCity Number of Veggly users per 1 Million 
10São Paulo1,875
Veggly Top 10 Hotspots for Vegan Dating

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