Vegan Home – Making Sure Your Home Is Entirely Vegan

Vegan Home – Around 50% of couples move in together within a year of starting dating. As vegans, you’ll need to be careful as things such as paint aren’t always cruelty-free. Here’s how to ensure your new home together is completely vegan. 

Vegan Home

Sustainable furniture 

Synthetic leather couches are commonly chosen by vegans. But, did you know that the synthetic materials they’re made of add to the world’s microplastic pollution problem? A better vegan and sustainable couch option is one that’s made from fruit waste. The skins of apples, pineapples, and mangoes are now being used to create stylish, vegan couches that will look great in you and your partner’s new home together. Another option is to stick to all wooden pieces of furniture as they’re completely vegan, sustainable, and natural.

Vegan Home – Household maintenance 

An annual household maintenance routine is recommended by the U.S. Department of Home & Urban Development. As a couple, compile a list together and take responsibility for certain tasks each. You’ll need to make sure you maintain your property with vegan-friendly materials. For example, instead of using beeswax to make your wooden furniture shine, make your own polish with olive oil and lemon juice. You also need to think about pest control, particularly if you live in Florida, Louisiana, or Texas as they have the worst pest infestations, according to studies. Stick to vegan-friendly practices at all times, such as catch and release methods, and minimize entry points to your home. As a committed couple, you’re likely to prefer spending quality time together than dealing with pests and maintenance problems. Moving into a Homeowner’s Association (HOA), may be a good choice for you as they’ll deal with these issues for a small annual fee. Just make sure you tell the HOA that you want vegan products and methods to be used.

Household accessories 

Candles are associated with romance, so you’re sure to want to include them in your and your partner’s abode. Candles are typically made from stearic acid or beeswax which aren’t suitable for vegans. You haven’t got to miss out on the warmth or romance though as candles made from soy, coconut, or rapeseed wax are available. If you’re thinking of getting a large print of you and your partner put up on the wall to mark this big step in your relationship, carefully think about your options. Photographic film contains gelatin so isn’t vegan. Some paints and paper also contain animal products. Stick to images made with graphite, charcoal, or Conte crayon on Yupo paper or raw fabric and you’ll have a unique piece of artwork that’s entirely vegan.

You and your partner are sure to enjoy your new vegan home together as long as you make an effort to make it completely vegan. Vegan living is known for being calm, inviting, and stress-free which is crucial for a long-lasting, successful relationship.

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