The Highs and Lows of Dating a Vegan Freegan

In the U.S., between 30% and 40% of the food supply is wasted, with around 218.9 pounds of food waste per person sent for disposal. Factors such as over-consumption and poor planning of one’s trips to the supermarket, coupled with faulty storage at the retail level and many more factors, are difficult to excuse when you consider that world hunger is on the rise and affects almost 10% of people globally. Freeganism seeks to turn waste on its head. It is an alternative philosophy of living that seeks to minimize one’s participation in capitalism and to limit one’s consumption of capitalistic resources. The aim is to live as “freely” as possible, buying “nothing” (or close to it) and to live in less densely populated areas so they can escape modern consumer behaviors. What are some of the highs and lows that you can expect from dating a vegan freegan?

If you are vegan and you meet an attractive freegan, you will be delighted to know that they are probably vegans themselves. Freegans are firmly focused on ending animal cruelty, while also fighting against human rights abuse, the degradation of the environment, and climate change. Many freegans began as vegans, becoming increasingly convinced over time that capitalistic ambition and greed and meat consumption are inexorably linked. Animal welfare is definitely one of the defining values of this lifestyle.

Dating by the Dumpster

If you love nothing more than dining out at a fancy vegan restaurant, the downside is that you may not be doing much of that with your lover. Freegans are more into dumpster diving— in fact, this pastime is a core part of their lifestyle, as it enables them to find food that has been thrown away but that is actually in excellent condition. Some also make a living from the things they find in dumpsters, thus helping them avoid working in traditional jobs. In case you’re worried about the cops getting involved, don’t. Checking out trash is legal if done in a respectful, law-abiding way. Essentially, once trash is left at the dumpster, it becomes part of the “public domain.” If a romantic evening is on your mind, then make sure your home is tidy. 

How Will Your Date End?

Freegans generally avoid renting or buying a home, preferring instead to squat on abandoned property. Finally, remember that they prefer to bike or walk places instead of riding in cars (they are, however, willing to hitchhike). So plan a date close to home so you can take a romantic walk to your chosen spot.

Are All Freegans Extreme?

If you start meeting more people from this community, you will find that there are many levels of freeganism. For instance, some freegans do enjoy working, but they will probably choose either volunteer work or work that can help people, animals, or the environment. Some do rent homes and if so, they most probably share their home with other dwellers to reduce space wastage and cut down on costs.
Freeganism is a fascinating movement that can help put an end to many current problems, such as climate change and food wastage. Freegans are mostly vegan, since animal rights are a key value in their lifestyle. Dating a freegan can be unique, since you can learn about the art of dumpster diving with intelligence. You can also learn how to lower your carbon footprint by getting used to environmentally friendly means of transport (such as cycling). Freegans are sometimes considered “extreme” but if living simply and cutting down on consumption sound appealing, then a freegan might just be your perfect match.

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