Veggly Reaches 500,000 Global Users

Veggly, the dating app for vegans and vegetarians, has reached a new milestone by hitting the mark of half a million users. According to updated statistics, this also shows that the app’s user base has doubled since the end of 2020, when the number of users was at 250,000. 

veggly reaches 500

Additionally, Veggly also currently counts over 2 million Veg-Matches. There will always be plenty of room to grow its user base, but since Veggly reaches people from 181 different countries, there is no shortage of connections and meaningful relationships being formed through Veggly.

It’s estimated that by mid 2022, there will be well over 5 million Matches. It’s safe to say that this is the best time in history so far to be a vegan looking for love!

Both of these milestones are being announced shortly after another significant change for the app. With the release of Veggly 2.0, inspired by feedback from people all around the world, users can now enjoy the Veggly experience with new and improved visuals and aesthetics. With the new customization options that have been introduced, users can make their profiles more accurate to their interests, aspirations and beliefs.

Everyone can agree that having ideas and values in common is an important part of any relationship, and even more so for vegans. That can be very helpful in understanding why Veggly has grown so much recently. Having a space where the most essential things are agreed upon before the first contact is even made can sure save a lot of time and frustration. Many people have already shared their success-stories and experiences about finding the right person through the app. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, or just want to see for yourself that it is possible to find a partner without having to compromise on your ideals and the things that mean the most, you can find these stories here. As Veggly reaches 500,000 users, it seems promising that these stories will just keep coming in.

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A special gift to our users to celebrate our 2nd birthday

We’re celebrating our 2nd birthday in October! To recognize the occasion, we’re giving our users an anniversary gift!

Celebratory news from Veggly HQ today! We are very excited to announce that in early October, Veggly will become 2yrs old! It has been a wonderful 2 years, and we’re excited to build on our success and help more vegans and vegetarians find love over the next 2 years. We’re always delighted to hear the success stories and messages from our users who found love from their Veg-Matches. You can read some of these stories here.

To celebrate the occasion, we’re giving each of you, our users, 3 coins to send Super Likes. And, we are also giving 3 coins to everyone who joins between now and October 15th, so now is the perfect time to tell your friends to join or come back!

If you’re reading this (and you have a profile), the coins are already credited into your account! So what are you waiting for? Open Veggly and send a Super Like to that special someone! Or send 3 Super Likes to 3 special people!

Good luck! And let us know how it all goes; we always want to hear your feedback and stories.

In the past year, we have grown rapidly, reaching nearly 200,000 global users (approx. 8x growth since July 2019), from the US, to Canada, to Australia, to Denmark and beyond. Available globally, Veggly is set to continue growth thanks to a brilliant army of vegan volunteers around the world who have worked together to translate the app into Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, Danish and Polish, with many more languages on the way. If you would like to help spread the vegan love, let us know!

We hope you enjoy the free coins! To stay up to date with all of our announcements, blog posts, and future partnerships, please subscribe to our blog and follow the growth of Veggly across our social channels:





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