The perfect match! Combining seitan and vegan dating

Seitan and Vegan dating? We have tasty news from Veggly HQ for you! We are very excited to announce our new partnership with LoveSeitan, Europe’s top manufacturer of delicious seitan.

Seitan and Vegan dating

We have entered this partnership to help Veggly users in the UK (and in the future, around the world) get their hands on the best vegan food possible.

From today, our users in the UK will have access to discounts on LoveSeitan products; we want to help LoveSeitan boost awareness of seitan as a healthy vegan meat, and create some delicious discounts.

As the world’s leading dating platform for vegans and vegetarians, we’re committed to supporting other vegan brands on a mission to change the world, so it is an honor to collaborate with such an excellent vegan food brand.  

As we expand (we now have over 325,000 users globally), we’ll be watching out for more opportunities like this to give the best discounts possible, so let us know if you think there is a vegan brand we should have a look at!

Commenting on the partnership news, our Founder, Alex Felipelli, said: “Seitan is a wonderful vegan food and we love helping create new relationships in the UK, so it is a perfect partnership for us! We’re very excited to see some new ‘Veg-Matches’ for LoveSeitan customers across the country.”

Also commenting on the new partnership, the Co-Founder of LoveSeitan, Steve Swindon, said: “This is great news for seitan lovers looking for new love in their life. We hope to see plenty of ‘Veg-Matches’, success stories and new relationships for our customers come out of this new partnership. And together with Veggly, we’re keen to boost awareness of seitan as a delicious vegan meat throughout the UK!”

So, there you go! We hope you enjoy this partnership! After all, seitan and vegan dating together is the dream of many vegans and vegetarians! 😊 To stay up to date with all of our announcements, blog posts, and future partnerships, subscribe to Veggly blog.

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